Connect Groups

Connect Groups

In New Covenant, we believe working together brings people together. Our workforce is structured to help church workers and volunteers contribute to the day to day running of the church while providing an opportunity to identify, nurture and grow skills, competence and talent that is transferrable to everyday secular life. Church workers and volunteers are also equipped with spiritual, skill and personal development training every morning during Workers Training Session (WTS) which runs from 9:30am to 10:00am every Sunday.

Our existing Connect Groups are:

The Minstrels: This is the worship team of the church. This group serves to bring the church into a spirit filled worship experience of God’s presence every church gathering. The team seeks an identity beyond just New covenant, but to grow to serve the body of Christ universally. New Covenant as a church also seeks to identify individuals who have a calling to the body of Christ in relation to Music, from this team and assist them to fulfil this purpose.

The Publishers: This is the Media team of the church. They serve to publish church content over social, print, radio and television media. They manage all New covenant social media presence. Team members are exposed to church sponsored trainings including Graphics design, Video production and editing, and Social media marketing.

The Watchmen: This is the prayer team of the church. In New Covenant, we understand the work of the ministry is first spiritual and God alone can give the increase. We place a high premium on prayers. This team meets regularly in the place of intercession to present the church in her totality to God as regards different areas of the church and lives of the members.

The Gatekeepers: This team is the face of the church and your initial contact with us either when arriving for a Service or at the Airport. They handle receiving new migrants or guests at the Airport, welcome you and make you feel comfortable at every Church Service. They ensure the smooth movement and coordination of space and people at any time.

The Sowers: This is the outreach and evangelism team of the church. This team seeks to drive and implement the outreach and evangelism vision of the church. One of the core vision pillars of New Covenant is “GO”, we place a high premium on reaching out to others with the message of the gospel. This team drives the church outreach in five categories; Drug Addicts, The Homeless, Prison and Convicts, Youth Delinquency and Mental health support. They also handle the initial meet and greet for friends coming to New Covenant for the first time.

SALT Team: SALT meaning Sharing and Learning Together is an interactive session of sharing and learning from the bible about spiritual, contemporary, relational and societal issues of life. The SALT team coordinates and prepares the material for this session. SALT holds every Sunday between 10:00am and 10:30am.

Personal and Career development Team: We desire to see church members developing personally and making giant strides in their economy. We believe in Market-Place Christianity i.e.  Church members being witnesses of Christ in secular endeavours through excellence. The PCDT organises monthly personal and career development trainings across personal, entrepreneur and career facets of life.

Jesus Techs: This team takes care of the technical, Music, Sound and Media infrastructure of the Church. They analyse, procure, set up and maintain all church Music, Sound and Media hardware and equipment. New Covenant encourages continuous training and development of team members in consultation with third party companies to ensure as the Church grows, the needs of the Church in this area are effectively met.

Little Heroes: Our Children, called “Little Heroes “are adequately engaged during Church Service and embark on different fun-filled activity where they can build relationships with each other and God. This team engages the children with praise and worship, bible stories and teaching, Craft, games etc. They ultimately seek to build the faith of these little ones.

Virtuous Women: Women group

If you will like to join any of these connect groups, kindly send an email to