As Christians, it is important that we realise unbelief may ultimately cost us the best of God and will try to negotiate a compromise with us. This should strengthen our resolve to continue to nurture faith and fight the good fight of faith.

Hebrews 4:1 CEV tells us “The promise to enter the place of rest is still good, and we must take care that none of you miss out”, meaning despite the promise of entering the place of rest, it is possible for a man to miss out. Unbelief will cost us what God has promised us.

In Genesis 15: 13-16, Numbers 13:27-29 and Numbers 14:1-4, we see the background to this scripture quoted in Hebrews by the Apostle Paul.  God having promised to Abraham that his descendants were going to take the promise land, and He sought to fulfil that by raising Moses, delivering them from the land of bondage and leading them to take that land.

But on spying the land, the children of Israel were faced with the facts- the people who live there are strong, their cities are large and walled etc. and unbelief sets in immediately. From then on unbelief began to negotiate a compromise of options with them, options including- die in Egypt, die somewhere out here in the desert, better off in Egypt and choose our own leader and go back. All these options contrary to the promise and purpose of God for them.

There are some few things we must note from this:

  • Faith does not deny the fact but puts trust in the promise and the word of God.
  • To believe God is to believe His word. God is His word.
  • Unbelief fuelled by facts will always seek to negotiate a lesser outcome with us. It is our choice to either accept it or not. The outcome may be bad, may not be bad, and may not necessarily be an act of disobedience like the case of the children of Israel.
  • To negotiate with unbelief, is to accept anything less than what God has for us, it brings compromise and costs us the best God has for us.
  • We should never settle for anything less than the best and all what God has for us.
  • Unbelief always seeks to negotiate a lesser outcome with us:
  1. The good for the bad.
  2. The better for the good.
  3. The best for the better.
  4. Something for nothing.
  5. All for something.

As believers, we must choose not to suffer loss through unbelief or take the path of compromise. Lets keep fighting the good fight of faith.

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